About Charity Nation

Our mission is to ensure that each charity and each donor has the opportunity to support a cause or community through the spirit of giving and charitable kindness in state and federal workplace giving campaigns.

CHARITY NATION is a member service management organization designed to help nonprofit organizations maximize their funding opportunities, streamline the CFC application and pledge processing, while serving as a knowledge resource to our members and donors on workplace giving campaigns. Our professional staff brings 15 years of combined experience successfully working to assist and bridge the gap between donors and our charities.

Each year over 27,000 nonprofit charitable organizations compete for nearly $280 million in funds raised from federal workers who donate through the Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC). We supply our nonprofit members the tools and resources to maximize their outreach to as many donors as possible in these campaigns, as well as assist our members with finding local state and government grant agencies looking to partner with charities to serve a community in need. We reach state and federal workplace donors, men and women serving in the military overseas and nationally, and private individuals and organizations that sponsor our charities.

It is evident that the giving spirit still exists and new nonprofits desperately need a service provider who can offer guidance, knowledge resources, expertise, and strategies that will expose them to fundraising opportunities that assist them with their fundraising efforts.