Our Commitment

CHARITY NATION levels the playing field for smaller and larger charities. We believe that every charity with a mission deserves the right and the opportunity to inspire donors to give to their cause.

Our commitment is to provide customized, fundraising assistance services to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and help each charity meet the requirements necessary to qualify for state, local, and federal workplace giving campaigns around the country

Because we are a member service management organization and NOT a federation we do not compete for donors with our members. Nearly all federations are classified as a legitimate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a CFC five-digit code. This means that federations compete aggressively side-by-side with their members for pledge dollars. In most cases a federation has the advantage of placement on advertising and marketing brochures with the federation’s name and CFC code being listed first in the advertisement before all other organizations.

We ensure that all of our efforts are geared toward helping your charitable organization reach its fundraising goals.

In addition to our ability to secure your nonprofit organization with new fundraising revenue, we also commit to redefine the level of customer service that our members should expect from a fundraising management organization. We understand that the success and retention of any organization is exceptional customer satisfaction and proven results. This is the kind of service your organization deserves; this is the type of service we supply.

To see if your organization qualifies for certain campaign events or how we can help you maximize your fundraising efforts, contact our membership department at memberservices@charitynations.org.