Member Data Hub - ZION

ZION - is our state of the art online pledge processing, distribution, and web-portal that allow members complete and personalized control over their files in our secure data server. ZION is an all-inclusive interactive Web portal that provides members with total and secure access to pledge distributions, communication with affinity charities, online advertisement opportunities, updates on kickoff and campaign events, and access to volunteers around the country.

Members are able to connect to ZION for the latest news in volunteering, blogging, and webinar training classes. Our members also receive updates on pledge information (via GENESIS) and campaign events sent directly to their email address. Through ZION our members have complete control over the data and information they provide. Members are also able to upload and download information to their accounts, change, add or modify additional items to their bundled package, and communicate directly with other affinity organizations to partner on campaign events and purchases.

Development Services

CHARITY NATION'S development team development team is always looking for ways to help our members maximize the amount of revenue available to their organization. Each year we research grant opportunities for our members. These opportunities are listed on the ZION Hub.

GENESIS Pledge Hub

GENESIS gives a 24/7 year or month by month analysis on pledges distributed to your account.

Member Tools
Online Advertising: Members will be able to place site ads on the homepage
Application Document Upload/Downloads: Members will have the ability to upload and download information during application season
Secure Members Only Access: Members will have access to secure information and updates only available on the member website
Secure Pledge Reporting: The secure member website will give weekly reports on pledges donated to members accounts
Training Video: We will host webinars informing members of best practices of the CFC and marketing to donors