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Each month we spotlight incredible people, events, and sponsors in communities around the county. This person or organization exemplifies good stewardship through positive volunteerism, support, and shows a demonstration to serve his or her community. This is our way of keeping you informed and saying thank you to the men and women who commit their time to serving in the spirit of giving.


Imagine receiving an email stating "Did you know your home was up for public auction?"

That's how Final Salute, Inc was notified that the property we were leasing from RPJ Housing in Alexandria.VA was up for foreclosure within a month. What's even more disturbing is RPJ Housing continued to cash Final Salute's lease checks for months and pay their staff's salaries instead of their mortgage.  Final Salute was never notified by RPJ and have yet to be contacted by their leadership.

Final Salute went to fight. CEO and Founder, Jas Boothe, showed up to the auction in attempts to save their home and thanks to a greedy business man looking to turn a profit, instead of taking the home for $150k, Jas Boothe had to fight and outbid him at $455K.

Now they have 30 days to raise at least half in order to secure an affordable mortgage and keep women Veterans and their children in their home. They can't do this alone!

"RPJ Housing needs to be stripped of all funding and their misleading tag line! We need to show them you don't hurt our Veterans!"

Final Salute needs your help. So we are reaching out in this time of giving to ask for donations to save the home so that nine female Veterans, who were once homeless, will not be out on the streets. We are asking that you make an online donation via, you can also mail them to:

Final Salute Inc
P.O. Box 156
Haymarket, VA 20168
Please help if you can and send to the masses; this is an opportunity to thank and support our Veterans beyond a handshake.



Thank You Message from CEO of Final Salute, Jas Boothe

Thanks to public support totaling $55K and a generous donation from the Karen Ruth Keesling Trust, we have secured the funding needed to finance a mortgage and grant Final Salute Inc. ownership of the Alexandria Home. We only had 30 days to prevent women Veterans and their children from being evicted and you answered the call! The home will be re-dedicated in honor of Karen Ruth Keesling (a former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force) and her commitment to establishing equal rights for women.

You can read more about Karen Ruth Keesling Karen Ruth Keesling Legacy

Karen Ruth Keesling

Update on January 28, 2014

Thanks to the public support and the legacy of Karen Ruth Keesling, Final Salute closed on the home and secured a transitional home for female veterans and their children to go. Congratulations!! To learn more about Final Salute, Inc. visit: Final Salute, Inc

Congratulations to Ms. Veteran America 2013
Bringing Awareness to Homeless Female Veterans
Oct 2013

Congratulations to Allaina Quitron who was crowned the new 2013 Miss Veteran America! Alliana accepted the crown from the 2012 Miss Veteran America, Denyse Gordon, who was a role-model to all military soldiers and a beacon of strength to all female veterans. Again, Congratulations Alliana Quitron!

Each year, Final Salute, Inc host the women of the military beyond the uniforms. Final Salute (CFC #57897) helps female veterans who are homeless, many with children. They are the only organization specifically targeted to accept female veterans with children in the DC Area. To learn more about Final Salute visit, and continue to support our veterans.

2013 CNN HERO: Cpt Jas Boothe, Final Salute
June 2013

CNN HERO: We Salute our member, and now CNN HERO: Cpt Jas Boothe of Final Salute, for her outstanding courage of giving back to help fellow female soldiers in need. Final Salute provides housing or financial help to female veterans and their children who are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless.

Jas Boothe and Final Salute has been the Hero to 100 women Veterans and their children; now CNN has also selected her as their Hero. We salute you soldier!

May 2013

Memorial Day: This song goes out to all the men and women of the military who are no longer with us, and also to those who are still here protecting, or have protected our freedom. Instead of #Memorial Day, let there be a Memorial year, a memorial life, one that honors the men and women of the military for giving their lives to protect this great nation. You are our #hero's, and we say thank You.

Katie Couric's "Honoring Amazing Veterans" show
May 2013

AWESOME: On May 23rd, our member, Founder and CEO, CPT Jas Boothe, will be recognized on Katie Couric's Salute to Veterans show. Here she stands with Melissa Stockwell, the first female amputee from Iraq. Bob Woodruff Foundation, and Paul Rieckhoff, Founder of Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, are among the additional group of outstanding patriots. We continue to support our member, Final Salute, Inc. for an awesome job and for serving as stewards to ending homelessness for female veterans.

The Ms Veteran America Competition
Mar 2013

Charity Nation is a proud supporter of Final Salute's Ms. Veteran America Competition. If you missed last year's historic event, this year is going to be bigger and better. Female veterans from all around the country compete to become Ms. Veteran America. Don't miss the event of the year! Celebrating the Woman beyond the Uniform. October 13, 2013, at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA. Contact Charity Nation for sponsorship opportunities, or go to to register.

Feb 2013

CHARITY NATION acknowledges the birthday (Feb 28th) of an amazing little girl name Alexandra Sanchez who lost her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in 2011. Her legacy lives on through a charity called Alexandra's Helping Hands Foundation that helps kids battling cancer who need hospital care. Please make a tax free DONATION in her name. Join us as we celebrate her life through this video and share Alexandras story to help us keep her angelic spirit alive. Alexandra we love you and we will continue to keep your spirit alive. You are our angel. Support the fight against Leukemia.

2013 MLK Day is a National Day of Service
Jan 2013

National Day Of Service: President Obama's Message for all of us in honor of MLK day encouraged Ways To Get Involved for a day of charitable service and volunteering. How did you spend your weekend? Hopefully it was giving back through some form of community service.

2012 Ms. Veteran America
Nov 2012

Congratulations to Ms Denyse Gordon of the US Air Force for becoming the 1st Ms. Veteran America. This was a great fundraiser supporting Final Salute, Inc's mission to help Homeless Female Veterans, many with children, by providing safe and suitable housing for the more than 55,000 female veterans living on the streets. Continue to support our veterans in the CFC #57897. Or visit Congratulations Ms. Denyse Gordon! HOORAA!!

OPM Charity Kickoff Event
Nov 2012

Setting up for OPM's (Office of Personnel Management) CFC charity kickoff event. Plenty of donors who give in the CFC visited our table. Not to mention it was a great opportuny for Don to take a photo with a cool pooch from the Blind Dog Foundation. We love those guys!!

Nov 2012

There are over 13,000 homeless female veterans in the US. Many of these veterans are single parents with children. Of the 500 shelters that house veterans, less than 40% will house a female veteran with a child. This is unacceptable. Final Salute, Inc. is making a difference by providing transitional housing, support, resources, and a safe and suitable environment for our female veterans with children. This year when giving in the Combined Federal Campaigns, give to Final Salute, Inc. CFC #57897. Your donations will help build the bridge to ensure that no female veteran will be homeless.


I hope everyone took the opportunity to vote today. Voting is a fundamental basic right that we all should exercise to decide who will lead this country. Did you vote? I did !!

Kongkham Chittanavong
Member Service & Marketing Manager

Kongkham is one of the hardest working Member Service Managers in the business. Her degree of detail and insight keeps our members informed as well as guide them to a successful acceptance in the CFC and CFCNCA. Kongkham also manages our social media outreach.

What we see when we talk to our donors at events

Charity Nation participates in over forty kickoff campaigns each year. Shoutout to staff and the men and women who support our charities in the CFC and the CFCNCA. It is because of your generousity that helps support our charities mission.

Final Salute, Inc's ~ "Ms. Veteran America Contest" Oct 2012

On Oct 7, 2012, Final Salute, Inc., a charity dedicated to helping homeless female veterans (many with children) find safe an affordable housing, hosted its first Ms Veteran America Pageant, where female veterans from all over the nation came together to show case their talents as women beyond the uniform. So we congratulate Ms. Denyse Gordon of CACI for winning the 2012 Ms Veteran America Pageant. You, and all the women who participated in this event was awesome!

Carlos Valdez Needs A Sponsor - Sept 2012

Charity Nation is looking for a slightly used scooter wheelchair to help the nicest guy in Virginia get around. Carlos Valdez is 57yrs old and has had polio since he was just an infant. He has struggled to get around in a manual wheelchair but is limited due to his condition . But you can help. If you have a slightly used automatic-scooter wheelchair that is no longer in use, please donate it. In return Charity Nation will recognize you or your organizations contribution on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MySpace pages the entire sponsored month.

If you would like to sponsor Carlos Valdez, call our office at 703.777.8300 and become someone's superhero.

Final Salute, Inc ~ The Story of A Soldier ~ Capt. Jaspen Boothe
Aug 2012

Final Salute, Inc. (CFC #57897), a charity dedicated to saving female veters who are homeless. Many of these veterans have kids and suffered some form of trauma. Final Salute provides a safe and suitable transitional house that helps female veterans gain their indepence. But behind each the charity stands a story of a couragious woman dedicated to "never leaving a comrade behind." The story of Captain Jaspen Boothe.

Charity Spotlight on Lady Gaga and Office Depot
July 2012

We are giving a Gold Charity Spotlight to Lady Gaga, Office Depot, and The Born This Way Foundation for joining together to empower youth with display bands of kindness and cards of encouragement. We visited random Office Depots around the DMV and was impressed by the displays. Awesome Job guys and gals, and Kudos to Lady Gaga !!

Thank you to our Sponsor - Jun 2012

Thank you to Roberts Home Medical in Germantown, MD, for donating a beautiful power wheelchair to Alexey Talai, a father of two. Alexey lost his arms and both legs at the age of 16 when he stepped on a hidden land mine. Today, Alexey travels around the country as an inspirational speaker and founder of Alexey's Dream Foundation, which provides shelter for orphans and children with disabilites.

But we still need your help. We are looking for a person or an organization to sponsor the shipping cost to send the donated power wheelchair to the Republic of Belarus. In return Charity Nation will recognize you or your organizations contribution on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MySpace pages for the entire sponsored month. The Charity Nation Facebook page receives over 14,500 impressions a month.

If you would like to sponsor Alexey Talai, call our office at 703.777.8300 and become someone's superhero.

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